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Special Issue 1/2019


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Why informed consent requires attention once more? PDF
Laura Palazzani 1-2


i-CONSENT: presentation of the project and the importance of participants’ perspective in the informed consent process PDF
Jaime Fons-Martínez, Cristina Ferrer-Albero, Rosanna Russell, Elizabeth Rodgers, Linda Glennie, Javier Díez-Domingo 3-10
Informed consent, experimentation and emerging ethical problems PDF
Laura Palazzani 11-22
Informed consent procedures between autonomy and trust PDF
Fabio Macioce 23-35
Contents of the minor’s assent in medical research: differences between the scientific literature and the legal requirements PDF
Jaime Fons-Martínez, Fernando Calvo Rigual, Javier Díez-Domingo, Leonardo Nepi, Loredana Persampieri, Cristina Ferrer-Albero 37-52
Ethical issues concerning the informed consent process in paediatric clinical trials: European guidelines and recommendations on minor’s assent and parental permission PDF
Leonardo Nepi 53-63
Gender and informed consent in clinical research: beyond ethical challenges PDF
Loredana Persampieri 65-87
Interreligious and cross-cultural perspectives on informed consent in the light of human rights and mental privacy PDF Errata corrige
Alberto Garcia, Mirko Daniel Garasic 89-100
New strategies for increasing participation of patients from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds in clinical trials PDF
Laura Palazzani, Fabio Macioce, Margherita Daverio, Valeria Ferro, Loredana Persampieri 101-122
Informed consent in translational/clinical research. Ethical issues according to international guidelines PDF
Margherita Daverio 123-138
Legal aspects of informed consent in clinical research: the case of vaccinations in the international legal framework PDF
Valeria Ferro 139-149

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